Fashion Distribution: Our Podcast on How Brands Sell Clothing

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This week, we head to London to hear about the various ways brands distribute their clothing in order to reach their customers in 2016.

In 2016, there should be multiple ways to sell your clothes as a brand. Despite technology being more evolved than ever, brands are usually restricted to a relatively small amount of methods to sell their clothes. The traditional method of selling via wholesale is becoming a dicier proposition, as stores are buying less and, in some cases, only doing Sale or Return, which can often leave a designer with a pile of unsold clothes at the end of the season.

Online retail has its own issues, with the difficulties when it comes to both getting traffic and conversion rate (getting a customer to actually buy something) coming up as key issues. And physical spaces can be expensive, forcing a designer to need to create more. So we decided to speak to three different brands to discover how they sold their clothes.